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Letter from the Secretary-General

Highly Distinguished Participants,


As the Secretary-General of GALMUN'20, I would like to welcome you all to the third annual session of Gazi Anatolian High School Model United Nations, GALMUN'20. 


This year, we have been working hard to make sure all of the participants learn in an atmosphere in which they can exchange knowledge harmoniously. Hence we got together a team of the most brilliant people for making this conference a dream-come-true.


We offer you a choice of committees that differ significantly in order to make every one of you comfortable to use your skills and interest that you have on different issues, which I believe is the main key in having a beneficial debate, interest.


Our first commitee is World Health Organisation. 
The first agenda item is about the eradication of cholera vaccines, the second is about strengthening national health. This committee is suitable for experienced and inexperienced delegates.


Our second committee is United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development. The first agebda item of thw committee is "The Role and Impacts of Industry 4.0", whilst the second one is "New Innovation Approaches to Support the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals". This committee is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced delegates.


Our third committee is United Nations Human Rights Council. The agenda item A is "UN Access to Chinese Concentration Camps for Uighurs", the second is "The situation in Myanmar". This committee is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced delegates as well.


Our forth committee is European Council. The agenda item is "Accession of Turkey to the European Union". This committee is suitable for advanced delegates.


Our fifth committee is Unoted Nations Security Council. The committee will be held with an open agenda. This committee is suitable for experienced delegates. 


Our sixth and last committee is JCC: Syria Talks. In this committee delegates will be able to have discussions with Turkish, Syrian, British and Irani representatives. This committee is suitable for advanced delegates. 


As we are to be the future diplomats, we understand and value the potential of diplomacy, therefore our motto is "Consolidated by the Diplomacy". We want all our participants to embrace our motto and also embrace the power of their ideas.


Our academic and organizational teams have truely worked and will continuously be working until the very last day of the conference to build a beneficial environment for sharing those valuable ideas and find possible solutions to our world's some of the most important issues.


Let's be #consolidatedbythediplomacy


I am looking forward to see you all,
Secretary General of GALMUN'20